Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer 2011 Update

I have not posted to our blog in some time. We have been living in our home at Hidden Valley Airpark since June of 2008. We love being part of a community that has similar interests and people enjoy getting together with each other. Many times we have stumbled onto what we call instant-parties. Someone will be out for a drive on their golf cart and will note that we should get together and have something on the grill. Or a couple of us will end up on someone's patio enjoying an adult beverage and we call our friends and invite them over, instant-party.

Recently a string of about 40 100+ degree days broke and we had a Saturday night in the 70's so we invited friend's over and I cleaned the dust and leaves from our patio and we had a great meal listening to a few take-off and landing while having some great conversations. It is a great place.

A few more things that we have been doing this summer: We finally had a sprinkler system installed. I had been using hoses and battery-powered timers, but I was not keeping up with very dry weather that we had this summer and we have lost some of our plants. The new sprinkler system had a drip zone around the hanger for its foundation and two drip zones in the planting bed around the house in addition to the 14 rotor head zone for the rest of the lot. It is nice to see a bit of green return to the landscape.

I also had to rebuild one of the cylinders on the Cherokee and replace the propeller. I sent the propeller to have it re-built and it was too worn and had been re-built a least once before and would not passed the specs. So while we were are Oshkosh this year I ordered a new one and I am in the process of completing the installation and annual inspection now. My guess is the airplane will perform better with the new propeller.

We also bought a new car to make the 60-mile+ round trip to Plano and back every day. We shopped for about 4 months and settled on a 2012 Ford Focus. It is a neat car that will carry 5. The back seat is a little tight, but OK if Cindy wants to take friends to lunch. We are averaging about 31 MPG and I have seen it as high as 40 MPG in hi-way driving. The Ford MyTouch and Microsoft Sync electronics are pretty good and have a lot of features. It takes some getting used to, but once you figure out the voice commands that work well, it is easy to use.

Anyways, we have been busy and I will try and post the blog a bit more often than once every years!