Monday, June 16, 2008

We have moved in!

Cindy and I, with the help of Nanny and Poppy and Mike and Patti, moved into our new home this last weekend! We moved a fair amount of stuff from the apartment into the house, our bedroom, one of the upstairs bedrooms and most of the kitchen stuff and most of the clothing. We still have most of the furniture to move, but since our lease on the apartment goes until August 20th, we do not have to be in a hurry.


Poppy and I finished up a few things and we discovered a few more that need to be done. We installed a door stop in the travertine floor to stop the front door and one in the carpet for the deck door. The electricians did not connect the in floor temperature sensor for the heated floor in the master bath, so I did that and now we have a heated bath room floor. I can hardly wait until winter to get the full enjoyment of the floor!


We decided that we needed a couple more towel bars. One for the utility sink and one inside the outside garage man door for the outdoor shower.


I did care my bride across the threshold. Pictures later. We are very excited and hope to have the house ready for an open house in the near future. But if you want to stop by, please do.  Attached is a map that shows you how to get to our house from I-35E.


Cheers, Steve

Steve Aughinbaugh

Manager, Plano Engineering Sustaining
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